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Millions of people have made the trek to Vegas with hopes and dreams of riches, grandeur, or at least some extra spending money for the trip home. Sadly, in most cases, this scenario is itself a fantasy, as a bust is more frequent than a boom.

There are, however, instances that set you on your ear and make you think maybe gambling isn’t a waste of time, your dollars, and your son’s college fund. Maybe it could pay dividends and you could be set for life.

Here are some instances where people truly did hit big on slot machines in Las Vegas:

Mr. Sherwin:

Within the first 12 hours of the Mirage’s grand debut in 1989, 76-year-old Elmer Sherwin, brought home $4.6 million from a Megabucks jackpot. He invested the cash in a world tour, but still dabbled with dropping coins in the slot machines here and there, because he was hoping to be the only person in history to hit jackpots of that size. It took one decade and nearly half of another, yet Sherwin pulled another $21 from the same jackpot. This time, he didn’t keep the money for himself, but instead donated most of it to charitable organizations.

The Excalibur:

When a 25-year-old man, resident of the City of Angels, left Sin City, it was $39.7 richer after hitting a slots jackpot at The Excalibur. Although he wished his name to never be revealed to the public, he did admit he only invested $100 to while away the time before a game of hoops. Oh yeah, he didn’t take lump sum settlement, but preferred to have his cash doled out to him in increments of $1.5 annually for 25 years.

The Freemont Hotel:

Like most creatures of habit Amy Nishimura always put herself up at the same hotel and gambled on the same machine on every excursion she made from her residence in Hawaii to Sin City. At age 71, Nishimura spent under $100 on this machine in under nine minutes before winning $8.9 million. She even claimed she used to hold conversations with the apparatus. Maybe that was her key to success.

Another Two-Fer:

Instead of blowing the loot she received from a Wheel of Fortune machine, a 60-year-old lady put that $680,000 back into the bank and back into the slots. Several months later, she was rewarded with her persistence with another $27 million payday in the Megabucks jackpot. It pays to be persistent!


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