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Outstanding Online Casino Slot Games

Casino slot games are among the easiest casino games to play particularly for new comers and fresh players in the game. The slot games too require some simple tricks and strategies if any player is to improve their chances of winning.

Statistics indicate that about 60% of the total casino bets in the U.S. are generated from casino slot games. Casino slot games have undergone a massive transformation from the traditional mechanical gaming formats that have been in use for decades to the new automated slot machines. As much as the4 machines have been automated, there should be no cause for alarm since there are no significant changes in the theme or methodology of the slots.

Slot games are dealt by pulling the three reels in the slot machine which usually has the pictures and figures printed on it. In the event that all the three reels depict similar pictures as the winning line, a winning combination is formed but the amount won will be determined by the types of pictures that appear on the winning column.

If you want to use any strategy for playing slots you'd better try it playing slots online before visiting casino. Choose the crazy monkey among all the variety of free slot games on the Internet.

Rushmore CASINO

Any body that has been playing casino slot games for a long time must have had the chance to either play at Rushmore casino or stumbled upon their site. The Rushmore casino has a very great online presence and many new players often stumble upon it due to its unique website and their safety and fair gaming practices. The site is powered by real time gaming which is also licensed in Costa Rica and already holds certification in fairness by the technical systems testing.

An outstanding feature in the Rushmore casino is their acceptance of various payment options which are acceptable to U.S players including the RC credit/debit cards, the Eco card, and my citadel among others. The eligibility of the card will largely be determined by your residential location


Perhaps there is no other online casino that offers the types of incentives for new clients like the GO Casino. With highest bonus offerings ranging to about $20,000 for first time players and up to 20 of the first deposits being eligible for bonuses, this site is a very attractive one for new comers. In addition to the high bonuses for new comers, it also guarantees the players 24 hours support besides the high tech software that makes your gambling experience at the site a memorable one.

The pay out system at GO Casino is managed by (CIGA) Curacao Internet Gaming Association. These guarantee the player the security and safety of their winnings besides making it very easy to collect all your winnings at the end of your gaming session.

Pure Vegas casino

Pure Vegas casino has stood out as one of the leading lights in the new and up coming online casinos

In spite of the large number of online casinos, it is quite clear that the pure Vegas casino is quite outstanding among all of them. It has been a matter of concern to many players that most of the new online casinos that are springing up in recent times do not meet the standards of the old established online casinos. It is even available for download on trial basis for new players who may want to try it out before purchasing the complete version.


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Slots Online

Slots Doc is the site by and for real slot obsessed people. They have huge slots directory with search, tips, reviews and a lot of other stuff.

Slots Variations

Slots are varied but are also easy to play. The variations in the versions of slots may require some variations from one game to another.

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