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What’s Inside the Slot Machines?

Slot machines are common in casinos, they are easy to play, and if you are lucky you get a ton of coins for your trouble. Have you ever wondered what is inside the slot machines and how they work? Here is a simple outline:

Modern slot machines are a far cry from the traditional ones also known as classic slots. Modern slots need a computer chip that is used to generate the numbers. This is referred to as the random number generator. In the classic slots, there was a spinning wheel, but in these modern slots known as video games this chip replaces the spinning wheel.

The Random Number Generator

The random number generator is as the name suggests a generator of random numbers. They have a huge number of combination possibilities. These combinations at any one time decide where the reel in the slot machine is going to stop.

The computer processing unit

The RNG chip is part of the CPU which controls the slot machine as a whole. They manipulate the start switch, the token sensor, the max bet switch and the temporary memory where the information of the combination, the reel stops and the money paid out to the player is recorded.

The stepper

Once a player sets the reels spinning the stepper comes into play. It is an electromechanical device that uses electric pulses to drive a spindle in particular increments or sequences. The sequence used is related to the frequency of the electrical pulses to control the movement of the reels. In cases of video slots, software replaces the stepper in ensuring the movement is properly sequential.


Slot machines are controlled by a simple algorithm that follows certain principles such as switches and loops. This set algorithm begins once the switch is put on. This happens when the player puts a token into the slot machine. This triggers the RNG chip to determine the random numbers that will come up in the reel.

What happens when the reel settles at a winning combination?

In case the reels settle at a winning combination, there is a set response. This is built in or programmed into the machine whereby the program causes the machine to exhibit certain signs to show the player he has won the game.

The machine can set off certain sounds, effects or lights while the customer is being rewarded. This display has a good effect on the player, but it also shows other players that they can win at the slots giving them a boost when it comes to playing the casino games with the hope that they too will win. Winning cash is not always the objective as players can end up winning bonus rounds that allow them to play extra games without having to pay for them.

What if there is no win?

When there is no win for the player, the game ends. He / She must put in a token, to start another game. These are the simple workings of a slot machine.


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