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Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack is one of casino games that allow to use strategies that give huge advantage over the casino. In this game these strategies come under the name card counting. Most of the gamblers believe that there is only one way of counting cards in blackjack, but there are several methods that are a little bit different, and that can be used by different types of players. If you want to make your blackjack game more successful, you can try to implement them. But be careful as using of card counting strategies requires from you attention and concentration at the game. Also you should be careful when choosing the place where you are going to play. One of the best places to play blackjack is You can check out casino betway website for the latest reviews
So, among the blackjack card counting strategies the following are known:

  • Hi-Lo
  • Hi-Opt 
  • Hi-Opt II              
  • KO         
  • Omega II             
  • Red 7
  • Zen Count


Hi-Lo is one of the popular methods of counting cards in blackjack. It is based on the idea that player needs to add or subtract one point each time a certain card appears. As this strategy is the easiest one, most of the beginners prefer it.
This system is known as balanced, as the total count of the deck is 0 zero. If the count of deck that is used in the game is higher, it means that player has an advantage over dealer, in case the count is negative (lower than zero), the dealer is in advantage.


KO means Knockout, and this is another strategy that is loved by many gamblers. Unlike Hi-Lo, which is balanced system, KO is unbalanced, so the total value of the hand is not 0.
KO is very close to Hi-Lo but some of the numbers have different count making system unbalanced. Like in Hi-Lo, you need to add and subtract point each time the card comes. KO is good for players due to one reason: you may forget about true count that is actually very important when you play games with several decks.

Hi-Opt and Hi-Opt II

These two strategies are known as the most advanced ones and they are usually chosen by professionals only. Both of these systems are based on common principle of adding and subtracting cards when dealer deals them. In Hi-Opt all the cards are valued as 1, 0 or -1, while in Hi-Opt II, which is known as even more advanced and very accurate strategy to count cards in blackjack, +1, +2, 0 and -2 are used. Hi-Opt II is balanced system which means that the total count of the cards will be 0.
Counting cards requires from you great mastery and practice. If you want to achieve success in blackjack games, it is better to learn some of the counting strategies to implement them during game play. You will see that understanding what cards may be left in the shoe gives you a good advantage over the dealer, and you will be able to make clever decisions that prevent you from bust or to low count of hand. If you are ready to success and winnings, card counting is for you!


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