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Chicken and Umbrella Strategy for Slots

There are different ways of playing slots, and the chicken slot strategy is one of them. This strategy is commonly used in three coin slot machines. It involves exhibiting chicken behavior so to speak, by only playing one round of slots in each machine.

In some cases, when a player chooses to use the chicken slot strategy, they have a particular amount of coins they are willing to use on each machine. So, they play for one round with the same amount of money in all the slot machines they try out. In other cases, they vary the amount but still only play for one round per slot machine. In this case, the time will vary on different machines depending on the amount of money they decide to use, but ultimately for it to be a chicken strategy, they only play one round.

Chicken strategy is applied whether the player wins or loses. So even if they win at a machine and live roulette offers they don’t stay and will typically move on to another machine for the next round. In chicken slots, the only time that a player will play another round on a machine after a win is when they are playing their last round.

Chicken slots strategy is a strategy used by many players in the hope of increasing their chances of winning. However, as slot machines advance, this strategy is being rendered null and void. This is because of technological advances whereby random number generators are used on machines such that these types of strategies do not matter in the long run when it comes to increasing a player’s chances of winning a game.

Umbrella slots strategy

The umbrella slots strategy is another approach used by slots player’s in an attempt to increase their winnings. In this strategy, players vary the amount of coins they use in each round. It is named an umbrella strategy because the bets when laid out on paper to form a kind of umbrella format.

An example of this is:

Strategy A: 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, 4, 2, 1, 1

Strategy B: 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, 4, 2,1,1,1

The umbrella design comes from the bets starting low and going high and then slowly coming back down - similar to the umbrella shape. Players use the umbrella strategy to increase their chances of winning a lot of money while helping them to conserve the money they have at hand.

Use of slot strategies

Generally, the game of slots is a fixed odds game. This means that there is no concrete way to beat the house edge. Slots strategies can only be used to maximize the odds of the player. This will help them win more than they would usually do on regular slot run.

In other cases, the use of slot strategies helps to bring an element of excitement into the game. Players can enjoy the game when they think that they are clever enough to beat the system by playing the different strategies. However, the main focus should be on managing one’s money wisely when playing slots so that even as you look for a win you don’t lose all your money in the process.


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