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Simply the best

The humble slot machine really is the best way to gamble in any casino. In terms of revenue, the slots make up 70% of Vegas total gaming gross, their popularity is undeniable and their staying power is unbelievable. The slots are the casinos bread and butter and for savvy gamblers it should be theirs to. The slots hold numerous advantages over roulette, casino and poker.

First and foremost is the amount of choice.  The amount of different slot machines found in a casino seems to be endless, whilst there is even more online. While there is just one of playing roulette and a few variations of poker and blackjack, the differences between slots are huge. No machine is the same, something that cannot be said about tables. With different pay lines, bonuses, and features, there is a slot machine that suits everyone.

A good starting point for any gambler is to play a casino game where you have the best chance of winning. In short, that game is the slots. The chances of winning in a land-based casino vary between 70-80% while playing slots online would see you having a whopping pay-out percentage between 92-97%. You would struggle to find a better pay-out percentage in any other casino game, 70% is good but 97% is nothing short of ridiculous. You have more chance of a pay-out as there is no set way on how to win. Unlike roulette, blackjack, and poker, you can cash out pretty much whenever you want thus putting the ball in your court rather than leaving it to chance.

“You don’t win big on slots.” If someone has said this to you before then frankly they know nothing and you should ignore all gambling related advice they ever give you. So let’s take a look at the figures. Jamie Gold holds the record for highest poker win after scooping $12million in 2006.  The undisputed don of blackjack is Don Johnson, he took three casinos for $15million during a six month period in 2011. Whilst in roulette the highest wins usually range between the $1-$2million mark. The record win in the slots is $39million, which is $7million more than the accumulated sum of the three highest wins of its casino neighbours. Even more surprisingly, you are more likely to hear about these bumper slot wins as they happen more often than those on the table. Due to progressive jackpots the prize fund can increase very quickly, something that is an arduous task on a poker table and damn right impossible at the roulette wheel.

The solitude of the slots is a big plus for a lot of people. It’s just you and the machine, meaning that you can play at your own pace, free from the time constraints that you find on tables and away from the glaring eyes of your opposition. Playing at your own pace has numerous advantages, no more than the fact that it allows you to concentrate better, the higher the concentration levels the less likely you are to make a mistake which in turn should maximise your chance of victory.


The slots therefore are the best mode of gambling.


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