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The Way Slot Machines Work

There are computer programs that generate the images that come to the screen each time you press the button on a slot machine. There are step motors whose main role is to determine the points at which the reels stop thus deciding the winning or losing spins. This program is known as the random number generator (RNG) which is present in all modern slot machines.

From the millions of numbers on the slot machine, the RNG stops at a combination of three numbers on the reel at random once you press the button on the slot machine, this strategy gives every spin a fair chance at striking the jackpot

The Process

The link between the slot machines and the computer programs is quite complex. When the button is pressed in three reels machines, the program automatically and randomly starts moving and the program will settle on any three numbers which should form the winning combination. The reel stops at three numbers that have a corresponding symbol which will in-turn determine the winning value.

Most of the modern slot machines in the casinos today have 15 to 25 stops on reels and it is this stops that are used to determine where the reel particularly stops. This works fine in actual reels but virtual reels have slightly more reels. This me4ans that chances of winning a jackpot with this type of reels is quite narrow because it is near impossible to strike the button simultaneously with the RNG in order to land a jackpot.

The Process Ensures Equal Chances for all Players

This process makes it almost impossible to predict or fore-tell where or how the reel is likely to stop. It is this situation that gives the players and the casino owners the comfort of knowing that the possibility of either winning or loosing is strictly left to chances thus leaving a very fair playing field for both participants. It is also for this reason that every player including fresh players always tends to be more attracted to the slots as opposed to other casino games such as the blackjack among others which can be manipulated by smart arithmetic calculations and good mastery of the trends of the games.

The clear understanding that the player or players cannot influence the outcome of the slots is a sure puller for many people towards the casino slot games. People have even come up with myths that some types of slots offer better chances as opposed to others


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