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Themed Slots - Find The Best Game!

With casinos, both on and off-line, seeking ways to lure ever more players into their fold, many companies over the last several decades have really stepped up their game, incorporated technology, and science to produce some really intriguing models of slot machines.

For some reason, themed machines seem to be a favorite of many gamers. For example, around Christmas time, casinos usually run promotions for these games and many people are attracted to them not only for the bonuses, but the sentimental appeal.

Here are some examples of the top grossing themed slot machines in Las Vegas:

The Wheel But Without Pat Sajak:

In action since 1997, Wheel of Fortune was introduced to the world by International Game Technology. It corporates the sounds and the bonus wheel of its namesake and like many of its ilk still has remained quite popular rather than being a shooting star that burned itself out. Many variations of the game have been released to the public, but one of the versions that sees the most action is a model that includes eight different participants at the same time.

The Boopster:

Made by Bally Technologies, this game involves a touchscreen element where players can put their digits on the machine to gauge how attractive they are to the opposite sex. It also offers players several bonus features. Who would have thought Betty would still be enjoying fame nearly seven decades later?

Mr. Big:

A relative newcomer on the scene, Sex and the City arrived in 2009 and since its debut has joined the upper echelon as a top performer. The idea of the game was actually presented by HBO’s licensing executive, and Mr. Big even gives you a pat on the back after capturing your bonus round.

Have a Beer

Just 12 short months ago a new slot machine with the moniker The Hangover first appeared on the casino floors. It was released to coincide with the movie’s sequel and its bonus structure is based upon key moments from the movie, such as the Wedding Chapel. When it supplies wild cards, they include such images as a tiger paw swipe.

A Bunny?

A really cool thing about this game, which obviously ties into the Hugh Hefner theme, is it’s a five reel model with Hot Zone Play Mechanic. This feature produces an overlay where all the images below it become wild and players can pile up the credits.


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