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Slots Random Number Generator

Pseudo random number generators are used in online slot machines to simulate the spinning of the reels and to give fair winning chances.

Random Number Generators

Random number generators generate thousand numbers per second or minute and the most recent number determines the next number as soon as the play button is pressed. This causes variations in results according to the time of play. Random number generators do not continue counting ad infinitum but repeats the sequence after some counting. A lot of care needs to be put into consideration to ensure that players do not get the secret of the sequence to take advantage of the machine. One Ronald Dale Harris, a former a former slot machine programmer discovered equations which he used together with the RNG code and seed value, to predict the next number to be selected based on previous games for such games as slot and keno. this is not the case when playing slots for free.

That particular event lead to RNG machines being designed to continue counting even when nobody is playing to defeat strategies like those of Ronald Harris. This makes it difficult to be able to identify where exactly the RNG has reached with its counting and to make it impossible to apply the equations even if one has the correct code.

Payout Percentage

Payout percentages may vary within a given range between one casino slot games machine to the next and from one casino to another though the casino licensing and regulatory authorities usually set the terms either by law or regulation. Slot machines are usually designed to pay out winnings between 82% and 98% of amounts wagered by players. This is called the 'theoretical payout percentage or 'return to player' RTP. The minimum return to player ratio varies from one jurisdiction to another though it is within the mandate of the casino house to choose exact figures within the permitted range. Nevada for instance has a minimum pay out percentage of 75% while New Jersey has 83%. The winning frequencies and patterns, and the amounts paid are carefully selected to give some fraction of the money generated to the casino and the rest to go back to players. This serves to ensure that casinos make it possible for others to win from what others have collected and not just collect all moneys to pocket. This is an important regulatory tool the establishment uses to regulate the operations of casinos.

The payout percentage is usually set by the machine manufactures and this certified at the time of machine installation. Changing the percentage is a time consuming exercise and often requires that the betting control officer be present to certify that it is still compliant.

Pay Tables

Each slot machine comes with a table showing the payout probabilities. These are meant to help players decide how to bet and play to maximize their winnings with whatever amounts of money they have.


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Slots are varied but are also easy to play. The variations in the versions of slots may require some variations from one game to another.

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