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Despite slots being a simple game where you just need to insert money, spin the reel and win loose, there are other attractive features that players should know in order to understand how to win at slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots are a very common feature with slots games the world over. Many players have won various progressive jackpot slots and it is thought that the progressive jackpot slots could be the real factor behind slots popularity. Progressive jackpots often run in many slots casinos at any one time and it is important to find out if the particular machine you are playing on has it or not. Machines which have it also do require that you play some minimum denomination to activate the jackpot play otherwise you will only be eligible for the set combination win prizes. Progressive jackpots are played on networked slot machines which use part of the money played for to build the jackpot until it is worn. So the longer it takes before it is won the bigger the progressive jackpot since every play that misses the jackpot contributes to it.

Multiple Pay-Line

Slot machines come with different number of pay-lines. Some have a single pay-line but many that are used in modern casinos especially online have three pay-lines i.e. in the middle of the screen, on top and below. Machines with different pay-lines require that you insert different denomination coins in different pay-lines to get them activated and to benefit from their pay out ratios. Each pay-line presents its own winning potential implying that in a slot machine with many pay-lines, certain pay-lines may win while others do not and whether you win or not depends on the pay-lines you had inserted coins on. In one spin of the reels, each pay-line represents a separate spin. It means that instead of playing several times by spinning severally, you may just insert more coins in different pay-lines and achieve the same objective.

Multiplier Slots

In multiplier slot machines, the payout ratio changes according to the number of coins inserted. The intention is to encourage you to play for a higher win though the probability of winning remains the same. For example, playing a single coin may entitle you to a payout ratio of 1 to1 but if you add another coin then your payout entitlements increase to 3 to 2. It is important to also remember that the slots machines are generally designed to give a higher payout percentage on large denomination coins than on smaller coins.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

They operate in a similar manner to the above save that with additional coins you are paid a specified bonus figure instead of increased payout ratio if you win. For instance, $5 pays you a ratio of 1 to1 but two $5 will pay $10 plus a bonus figure.


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Slots Variations

Slots are varied but are also easy to play. The variations in the versions of slots may require some variations from one game to another.

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