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Welcome to SlotGamesCommunity.

We provide the highest quality Slots merchandise.

Legal Info

Terms, Rules & Regulations

We wish that our customers like and enjoy the interactive character of this merchandise as well as the sense of community and togetherness that is exclusively promoted by interactive poker. We make sure that our customers enjoy their experience and it is not ruined by cheating or indecent conduct, every step of the way.

We advise players to adhere to certain policies and principles of conduct and to acknowledge their liability for their actions. Poker Room management would deal with the clashes and concerns related to the product's operation or cheating.

The places, wherein you can be helped as a customer are mentioned elsewhere. We are mentioning here the terms, rules and regulations which you are required to agree to, while installing the Poker Room client.


The terminology and conditions mentioned in the agreement would imply the following, except the perspective points otherwise.


The relationship between you and us is contained in this agreement with respect to your usage of Poker Room whether it is for play-for-real Poker or play-for-fun and other games. The terms of games are mentioned under "House Rules" part of the website and in other segments of the website. It counts but it is not confined to description of playing instructions, tournaments, and any other rules administering specific game, event, and tournament. Rules such as these are included in the Terms, Rules & Regulations mentioned here.


  • The website can be used only if your legal age is as per mentioned by the law of your country.
  • In any case, you are prohibited from using the website if you are under 18 years.
  • While some authorities have not focused on the legality of internet gambling, others have particularly defined them as illegal. We don't aim that anyone uses the website where such usage is illegal. The presence of such site does not invite using the website in a country where it is considered unlawful. If any law forbids, the use of website is cancelled. You are solely responsible for ascertaining if it is legal or not to use the website in your country.

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